Sunday, May 2, 2010

13 Months

How has it already been a month since Caroline turned 1!? Wow. Hmm..what's new since I last updated?
  • She has become a pretty good walker and it's definitely her first choice now when she's trying to get somewhere.
  • She seems to really understand what we're saying when we talk to her..though she doesn't always listen.
  • She can point out someone's nose, eyes, ears, and mouth if you ask her where they are.
  • She has 10 teeth (including 2 molars) and two bottom molars that are right below the surface of her gums.
  • She's in size 4 diapers and 18 month clothes.
  • She has become a very picky eater..just getting her to taste something is a challenge. If she doesn't like the way something looks, or if it's unfamiliar, she won't even taste it..she just flings it onto the ground.
  • Her favorite foods are: Gerber cereal bars, Gerber fruit snacks, craisins, goldfish, Cheerios, any kind of crackers, Annie's bunnies, yogurt, green beans, rice, Jammy Sammys, peanut butter crackers, and sometimes corn. 
  • She likes to chase Jake around and loves it when he gets up and walks away from her. She thinks it's very funny.
  • She still sleeps in the bed with us and she has been waking us up a lot over the past week or so because she keeps crawling everywhere, headbutting us, and kicking us..we're going to have to bite the bullet and move her to her crib soon.
  • She loves being outside..we try to spend a few hours outside every evening. 

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