Tuesday, June 29, 2010

15 Month Stats

Caroline had her 15 month appointment today and it was pretty eventful. She got 3 shots and we found out she has her first ear infection since getting her tubes in March. Luckily it can be treated with drops.

We also had her first bite from another child checked out while she was there. Apparently an older girl on the playground at daycare decided to bite her in the face. It left a pretty good mark but they said she didn't even cry. Her pedi said if it would have broken the skin, we would have treated with antibiotics.

She's weighing in at 26 lbs 1oz, which is the 90th percentile. She's 31.5 inches, which is the 75th-90th percentile.

I'll do a post later this week with an update on all the fun stuff she's doing and pics.


Elisa B said...

A girl bit her on her face? And she didn't cry? Wow, she is a strong girl. I think I would have flipped if someone bit Britton.

We have his 15mo appt tomorrow morning.

I'm working on a 15mo post as well.

Your McFatty posts are truly inspiring. over 50lbs....wow. I've been running and trying to eat better, but I want to hire a trainer or buy p90x but DH isn't into it. He says I can do it on y own. I have about 25 lbs to lose.

Britton and I need to meet you and Caroline someday. My sisters and college BFF live in San Antonio, so I will have to let you know when we visit!

Juicy said...

Did you punch that little girl, because I would have! Rude!

Love the river pics from the above post, I can't believe she didn't mind the FREEZING water!

Can't wait to see what my boys are weighing, they seem to be right along w/ Caroline. We really should get them together.