Thursday, July 1, 2010

15 Months Old!

Wow, how has it already been 3 months since Miss Caroline turned a year old!? I recently realized that I never took her 12 month sticker pictures..oh well.

Let's see..what's new with Caroline since my last update..

  • I already posted about her temper tantrums but, honestly, they've calmed down a bit over the past two days, which leads me to believe that maybe her ear infection was part of the reason for the meltdowns :(
  • We realized a few weeks ago that Caroline was signing to us and we had no idea..I finally had her daycare teacher teach us the signs that they use and we've been using them a lot
  • She still talks a lot, though I don't usually know what she's saying
  • She's a mommy's girl! If I'm in the room and she wants to be held, she wants me to do the holding. We've been spending some time dancing in the living room every evening and she definitely prefers to dance with me over Mario..she must sense that he has no rhythm. :)
  • She's getting better about eating what we put in front of her. She'll try pretty much anything again.
    • She's trying to use utensils..she will hold them and put them in her mouth correctly but she can't quite pick the food up with them yet
    • She's a big fan of watermelon!
  • She loves the water! We go swimming as often as possible and she wants to jump right in. I really want to get her into swimming lessons because I think she'll pick up on it quickly. She's not afraid of putting her face under.
  • On that note, she has Mario's skin..I put sun screen on her constantly and she is still getting dark! She doesn't seem to burn at all...I'm jealous.
  • She is becoming very attached to certain blankets..she wants to carry them around with her all the's cute.
  • She loves going into our closet and pulling Mario's ties down. She puts them around her neck and walks around. Her classroom at daycare has some silk scarves and she immediately looks for them when I drop her off in the morning..she wears them around the classroom like she does Mario's ties.
  • She is pretty much over her stranger anxiety..she will go up to anyone and say "hi" and wave. She's such a little ham!

I'm sure I could go on and on but it's hard to remember everything new. Here are some pictures from Father's Day weekend. We went to the Guadalupe river and she had a great time. My family has been camping at the same campground every Father's Day weekend for what seems like forever. We realized that she is a 4th generation river rat.


KH said...

Awesome, what is she signing right now? :)

It looks like she loved the river, we'll have to drag our crew down there and try it out soon. :)

Stephanie said...

She signs more, eat, milk, and thank you as far as we know (those are the only ones we understand). We really need to get a book or video or something to teach her more signs.

I was surprised that she liked the river because that water is COLD! I guess you just go numb after about 30 seconds.