Sunday, April 10, 2011

Birthday party and baseball game..

On Saturday we went to a birthday party for a little girl in our neighborhood who is 5 days younger than Caroline. They rented a bouncy castle and snow cone machine and had a bunch of family and friends go over to their house. It kind of made me wish we had Caroline’s party at our house, but at least we didn’t have to clean up the mess.

It’s hard to take a picture these days without her reaching for the camera to see the picture.
Check out the size of that piñata!
She found some open sweet tarts on the ground and ate one.
She liked watching the other kids jump in the castle, but she didn’t want to go in. She has become extremely attached to me lately!
We went to a Round Rock Express baseball game today with my parents and sister. As we thought, Caroline didn’t want to do much sitting and watching. Thankfully my wonderful husband spent most of the game chasing her around the stadium. One nice amenity at this stadium is a playground for kids 10 and under and she had a blast sliding over and over again.

It was kids day at the game and they had pony rides and a little train set up in the parking lot before the game started.
2011-04-09 Round Rock Express 034
2011-04-09 Round Rock Express 040
It was super windy today, which was kind of nice because it was also in the mid-90s.
2011-04-09 Round Rock Express 050
She was pretty worn out after running around for several hours. I thought she was going to fall asleep on me, but she got a second wind and actually started getting really into the game and clapping, of course this was during the 9th inning.
2011-04-09 Round Rock Express 064
2011-04-10 Round Rock Express 009
2011-04-10 Round Rock Express 011
2011-04-10 Round Rock Express 013

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The Barron Family said...

You look great!! :-) Today was a great day for an Express game. Fun!