Friday, April 8, 2011

Gearing up for the Summer heat..

It’s getting hot around here! We brought out the water table last weekend and Caroline had a blast playing with it while we did yard work. It was a good investment..she loves it even more this year.

Check out this adorable swimsuit she got for her birthday. It’s right up her has a built-in tutu.
2011-04-02 005
2011-04-02 011
She also loves bubbles! She got a bubble mower and bubble puppy gun thing for her birthday and they’re both big hits!
2011-04-02 020
2011-04-02 034
After playing for a while, she decided to help out with the yard work.
2011-04-02 031
And help water the plants.
2011-04-02 044
Another birthday gift that was a big hit is her Brobee backpack.
2011-04-03 010
Here’s another one of her swimsuits for this year. She has 3..and she’ll get good use out of them because it’s going to be a dry, hot Summer! We’re planning on being at a different pool, river, or splash pad every weekend.
April 2011 002
We went to the park in San Marcos today (I love that park!) and Mario watched Caroline while I did a 3 mile walk on the trails around the river.
April 2011 009
April 2011 025
We’re going to have a fun weekend again this weekend. We have a 2nd birthday party to go to tomorrow in our neighborhood and we’re going to a Round Rock Express baseball game on Sunday with my parents. I’ll post more pictures on Sunday.


Megan said...

What a helper she is! I love all her swimsuits, I had to tell me mom to stop buying Madi some, she has 4! geez :)

KH said...

Love her suits! And brobee-that's too cute! We also have the bubble mower---freaks the dogs out, but she loves "mowing" inside and out. :)