Sunday, May 15, 2011

Kadence’s Birthday Party..

Caroline’s BFF turned two this past week and she couldn’t have a big birthday party because her parents had plans every weekend this month. They decided to celebrate on a week night at Peter Piper Pizza in San Antonio and invited us to join them. We rushed to San Antonio as soon as we picked Caroline up from daycare.

We had a blast. Caroline thought the party was for her.

They had a mini carousel (I really should start keeping a list of all the carousels she has ridden).
2011-05-11 Kadence's B-Day 002
They also had a mini train.
2011-05-11 Kadence's B-Day 005
Ready for cake and singing..Caroline thought everyone was singing to her.
2011-05-11 Kadence's B-Day 014
She loved the fondant..haha.
2011-05-11 Kadence's B-Day 020
Kadence was a good sport and let Caroline help her open presents.
2011-05-11 Kadence's B-Day 028

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