Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Cold Front..

We went to Sea World again yesterday but I didn’t take my camera. This was our 3rd weekend in a row going to Sea World and it’s still not old. Yesterday was the perfect day for the water park. Caroline is used to being in the water there now and has a blast.

I finally got the camera out today in time for a cold front. It went from 93 to 63 in under 2 hours. We dug out some jackets and walked to the neighborhood park. Jake actually joined us because it was cool outside..he usually will give up on walking after two blocks if it’s hot outside..he lays down..and it’s hard to get a 110 lb dog to move when they don’t want to!

Before heading to the park, we played with play-doh.
2011-05-01 May 2011 004
Mario being goofy.
2011-05-01 May 2011 006
Caroline copying him.
2011-05-01 May 2011 007
2011-05-01 May 2011 038
Mid-run picture.
2011-05-01 May 2011 043
Trying to get her wagon up the stairs.
2011-05-01 May 2011 051
2011-05-01 May 2011 052
Throwing a fit because we wouldn’t put it on the stairs.
2011-05-01 May 2011 053
2011-05-01 May 2011 075
She wanted to pull the wagon back home.
2011-05-01 May 2011 082

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