Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend at Lake Dunlap..

My cousin graduated from Texas State on Saturday and some family and friends rented some cabins on Lake Dunlap. I had never heard of it, but it’s just east of New Braunfels. It was a nice, relaxing getaway and the drive home was short.

It wasn’t as hot this weekend as it has been lately so only a few people got in the water. The weather was perfect for hanging out by the water.

We brought the Cozy Coupe for entertainment. Caroline loved being able to run free..and boy did she..she didn’t stay still for very long all weekend.

2011-05-13 Lake Dunlap 001
2011-05-13 Lake Dunlap 003
Ready for the graduation on Saturday.
2011-05-13 Lake Dunlap 013
Wondering what the kayak’s were.
2011-05-14 Lake Dunlap 009
Trying on Aunt Natalie’s shades.
2011-05-14 Lake Dunlap 022
She got them stuck in her hair.
2011-05-14 Lake Dunlap 030
Mario was sinking and didn’t realize it. Luckily he made it to shore and didn’t completely sink.
2011-05-14 Lake Dunlap 038
We fed a duck…
2011-05-14 Lake Dunlap 048
and watched Uncle Chris fish.
2011-05-14 Lake Dunlap 052
We played catch…
2011-05-14 Lake Dunlap 055
and tried on cousin Trey’s huge shoes.
2011-05-14 Lake Dunlap 074
She had fun climbing on the pile of linens this morning.
2011-05-14 Lake Dunlap 077
She helped Baca (grandpa) drive.
2011-05-14 Lake Dunlap 084
We had a fun weekend and I’m looking forward to a quick trip to Corpus in June and a week at the beach house in August.


Megan said...

Fun! I've never been to that lake, it looks nice though!

KH said...

Looks like lots of fun!

Elisa B said...


b calls my dad PACA (grandpa). close to Baca!! lol!