Thursday, May 26, 2011

My hair..

As I'm sure all of my Facebook friends know, I cut 10 inches off of my hair yesterday. Several of my friends have recently cut their hair and I was super tired of mine so I decided (pretty quickly) to go for it. I don't like to mull things over, I'm a do-er.

I went to ULTA, which is where I usually go, because your haircut is free with a 10 inch donation to Locks for Love. Since the haircut was free, I decided to splurge on some highlights.

This is the picture of what I wanted. A long swing bob.

Here's the before.

It's gone.

Under the dryer.


Here it is..I love it!

In natural light.

I was nervous about being able to recreate things this morning..I did it!

If you're thinking of cutting your hair, do it! It feels awesome!


The Barron Family said...

I LOVE IT!!!! Oh my gosh, it looks gorgeous on you. So pretty. I want to chop mine off too. I just may do it after seeing your pretty new do.

Elisa B said...

I love it! It makes you look more "alive" if that makes sense. Maybe "fresh" is the word I'm looking for.

Wish I had the guts to do mine. ;)

angela said...