Sunday, July 10, 2011

Down time..

This was the first weekend in a long time that we didn’t have anything planned. It was kind of nice.

We had swim lessons on Friday evening and Caroline was not having it. She said she didn’t want to go swimming when we were on the way to the pool, but we figured she would be fine once she got into the water..nope. She didn’t want to participate and kept wanting us to get out of the pool. We finally decided to just leave early.

When we got home on Friday evening, Mario’s parents called and said they were going to come visit in the morning. We met them at Cracker Barrel Saturday morning, then took them to Costco because we needed dog food. They had never been there before so we spent a few hours going up and down every aisle. Caroline did pretty well..and loved the samples. She fell asleep as soon as we got into the car and stayed asleep for a few hours after we got home. We rented a movie after she woke up, then went grocery shopping. We were in bed by 10pm.

2011-07-09 July 2011 001
2011-07-09 July 2011 005
We decided to go to Landa Pool today since we didn’t have much time outside yesterday.

I have an addiction to buying swim suits for Caroline. This one was on sale for $10 from Osh Kosh.
2011-07-09 July 2011 008
2011-07-09 July 2011 013
2011-07-09 July 2011 021
2011-07-09 July 2011 025
We have less than a month before we head to this beach house in Galveston for a week..I can’t wait.

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