Tuesday, July 19, 2011

McFatty Tuesday..

The scale this morning said 191.8, which is 2.6 pounds less than yesterday and 0.4 less than last Monday. It makes me feel better but it does nothing for my motivation. How can I lose weight when I've been eating junk and not exercising?

Thanks for the comments yesterday..at least I'm not alone in my feelings about food.

Current weight: 191.8
Weight lost since last Monday: 0.4 pounds


Amber said...

Well, hey, at least you lost .4 since last Monday. That is an improvement even if it doesn't give you lots of motivation.

I am NOT motivated right now either so I cannot really lend any advice, but something will come up and help us become motivated. Just waiting for it to happen.

Kim said...

OK, so I don't know you, but I think you are gorgeous! The question is how do you feel about yourself? If you want to drop weight, I can relate. I have been fighting this battle for quite some time. However, have you spoken to your doctor? I spoke with mine and she recommended I restrict gluten from my diet. The reason is that my oldest has Celiac Disease and my youngest is also intolerant, though her reaction isn't as bad. I haven't had gluten, knowingly, since the end of April and dropped 10 pounds. Turns out, the gluten was causing more than just weight issues. It was also causing my PCOS. For the first time in forever, I had a normal, 28 day cycle! Yay! I also find it easier to stick to than Atkins and more effective than the Paleo Diet. Sure, I occasionally have the dreams about cakes and pies, but fitting into my old Levi's makes it so worth it. Talk to your doctor. 2/3 of people with Gluten Intolerance are not diagnosed. Further, it can cause more problems than just weight. Do some research, talk to your doctor, and I promise, you will feel much better! Let me know if you have any questions. I have been researching this since my daughter was diagnosed in early 2010. Also, it is a hereditary disease, in case I forgot to mention it.

KJJ Houston said...

I think its like the 60 pound curse! Im at 60 pounds lost and I want to lose another 20 but its like you get so comfy in your clothes that you can "eat that pizza" and be ok. I still work out everday (not sundays). So maybe you try a different path and kinda eat what you want (in moderation) but just focus on getting to the gym every day. Then once after a few weeks you have that down maybe you could then start back on the diet. I am trying to get to 160 by Sept 5th. Which is 10 pounds away - Im 170 right now. Do you want to do a 10 pounds weight loss challenge, maybe a few of us can all help each other. We could even add a money catch to it. If we got like 5 people to do it, then we could say the person with the most weight loss by Sept 5th gets $10 bucks for each person. So that would be $50 bucks in your pocket to buy a new dress. We could make the catch that you have to lose 8 pounds or more (2 pounds a week) to get the money. Meaning if we all fail and the top loss is only 5 pounds then no one sends money to anyone. Any who its a tought, and maybe a motivation for $50 bucks and 8 pounds or more! I think we are all in the same boat where we have lost a good amount but just need that extra 10 and MOTIVATION!