Sunday, July 24, 2011

McFatty Monday..way off track!

Wow, the scale this morning said 196.2!! That's 1.8 lbs higher than last Monday and almost 5 lbs higher than last's also higher than when I got back on track a few months ago. Maybe this will be the kick in the rear I need to stop watching reality TV with a bowl of ice cream every evening!? (I'm not giving up the reality TV but maybe I can do something more productive while I'm watching.

Thanks for the comments y’all! I’m reading them and pondering things. I just can’t figure out an easy way to post comments on my phone.

Jessica suggested doing a 10 pound challenge for money and I think it’s a great idea..just not right now. Haha. We’re going to the beach this weekend, then we’re going on vacation for a week at the beginning of August. If I start a weight loss challenge now, I might as well put the check in the mail. My plan is to get back on track after vacation.

I do like Jessica’s suggestion of focusing on the working out side of things for a while and cutting myself some slack on the eating. My goal is to work out Monday through Thursday this week since we’re leaving for the beach on Friday. I usually want to eat healthier when I’m exercising anyway so maybe that will be the kick-start I need.

Angela suggested doing a book club and I'm game. What book should we start with?

Current weight: 196.2
Weight GAINED this week: 1.4 pounds since last Monday..we'll see where things stand tomorrow.


Amber said...

I have been trying to look up and find a good inspirational, weight loss, emotional eating, food addiction book, but have not had great luck. I will need something very empowering for me to really read it. I am not a reader, but would really like to. I won't be able to read a "you just need to do this..." book because I know what to do. Aj had a few that she said were good so maybe we just need to decide on one and I will read it. Do you have any that you want to read?

bobcatsteph said...

I'm the exact same way..I'm not a reader at all..unless it's something really good. I also know what I need to do to lose weight. I'm looking for something inspirational.

AJ mentioned the new book by Jillian Michaels..maybe we could do that one?

Terri said...

just because you're going on vacation doesn't mean you can't be active! i always pack workout clothes when i travel for business. i'm sure you can find ways to chase caroline around or find some fun active stuff to still get a "workout" in. good luck!

bobcatsteph said...

I will definitely be active on vacation, but I'm not counting calories. Haha.

Libby said...

I'd highly recommend reading The Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno. It is an amazing book about eating clean fuel for your body and ridding your life of processed food, even if it's "healthy" processed food. You eat 6 small meals a day and don't count calories. I've had tremendous success following the plan and it's something I'll continue for the rest of my life - not just a "fad". Let me know if you want more information!!

I know it's really hard to take those first steps to get on track. There will always be excuses though - a vacation, a party, etc. With eating clean, those things don't matter anymore - you eat clean while enjoying "treats." You just need to decide what you want and decide that you are worth it and commit yourself to a new life! You can totally do this, Stephanie!!