Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lazy Weekend..

This was our second weekend in a row without any big plans. I went to a bridal shower on Saturday, then my parents and sister watched Caroline and Mario and I had a date night. We went to Zorba..a Greek restaurant. It was pretty good..I had never eaten Greek food before. After dinner we went to the movies..we saw Horrible was hilarious!  We ended up heading home at 9:45 even though we had a babysitter for the rest of the night..we were just tired. Are we old or what?

Caroline had fun playing dress up yesterday and she wanted me to take pictures.
2011-07-16 July 2011 003
I made these cupcakes today and they were pretty good. Whenever Caroline sees cake or cupcakes she wants to sing Happy Birthday. We decided to light a candle and sing.
2011-07-17 July 2011 007
2011-07-17 July 2011 008
Instead of going to a pool today we decided to fill up the pool in the backyard. We all got in and had a great time.
2011-07-17 July 2011 014
2011-07-17 July 2011 020
2011-07-17 July 2011 023
2011-07-17 July 2011 029

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Megan said...

That's so cute, madison loves her play heels too! Everytime she she's a cake we have to sing happy birthday....even in the middle of cheesecake factory :)