Monday, July 11, 2011

McFatty Monday..2.2 lb GAIN

Yikes..where is my motivation? I do pretty well for the first couple days of the week..and I see results..then I get off track and get lazy.

I worked out twice last week..I'm supposed to be working out 5 days a week! I have been snacking way too much!

I'm going to weigh in again tomorrow to see what happens after a normal day of eating.

Current weight: 192.4
Weight GAINED this week: 2.2 pounds


Amber said...

Maybe have Mario help motivate you on the weekends. You could prepare breakfast and lunch for the weekend on Thursday or Friday so that it is ready to go instead of just grabbing what is available. It seems like maybe it is a lot of sodium and you retain on Monday's so limit the processed salty foods. Just some thoughts...I know how hard the weekends are. My husband went and got mexican food on Saturday and Rudy's on Sunday. It was hard telling him not to get me anything, but I won't have to sacrifice forever, hopefully. I do eat unhealthy, but I try to eat small portions. Good luck this week!

angela said...

yeah. . . sodium is hiding everywhere! maybe drink more water, or do what i do and grab some of those crystal light packet thingies to put in bottle water, or unsweet tea. interestingly enough, i do better drinking more water when i have ice and a straw.

i also make sure to grab at least two snack for the work day, (one salty, one sweet) just to be sure i have something planned for whichever craving i might have. more importantly though, i make myself eat those snacks. then you won't be starving come lunch and dinner, and your portions will stay under control.

i don't have the willpower that amber has, so if someone is gonna bring food home, i'm gonna want something. i get online and check out the menu and make a consciously healthy choice. i do the same BEFORE i go out to eat. especially mexican food! i know i won't make it without at least a few chips and a drink, so it definitely helps to have your meal already chosen.

good luck this week!!

Stephanie said...

Thanks y'all. Most of your advice is the same thing I would tell other people to do. I know what I should be doing, and I've done it in the past, but sometimes I just have zero motivation to put in the effort.

I drink at least 3 bottles of water with Crystal Light every day at work..I barely drink any water on the weekends.

I think I'm addicted to bad food. I know that I'm not really hungry, and our house is full of healthy snacks, but I still have been eating leftover ice cream that my parents left last weekend every night! Ugh.