Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween..

I woke up sick this morning (fever, congestion, sore throat) so I stayed home from work, which means I can share our pumpkin carving and Halloween pictures.

We carved our pumpkin on Sunday afternoon. Caroline wasn’t a fan of the “guts” at first.
October 2011 011
She realized that she could use a spoon to scoop them out and she was ok with that.
October 2011 012
Mario decided to “carve” it with a drill.
October 2011 022
For the other pumpkin, Caroline picked out a princess Mr. Potato Head package.
October 2011 028
We went trick-or-treating with some of Caroline’s friends. She loved it. She wasn’t shy at all.
2011-10-31 Halloween2011 004
2011-10-31 Halloween2011 021

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