Monday, November 28, 2011

McFatty Monday..

Yikes, I have been way off track for the past two weeks. Measuring food and counting calories hasn't really been a priority. I'm back on track today with eating clean and I hope I can get this weight that I have gained off and then some.

Current weight: 191.4
Weight GAINED over the past two weeks: 3.4 pounds
Weight lost since starting clean eating: 7.4 pounds


Amber said...

So I'm not the only one that gained huh? My gain was much more than yours, but I hope some of it was just because I was not drinking very much fingers are crossed. I'm trying to convince myself that it definitely was not worth it in an attempt to not do it again over Christmas. haha! I'm starting a new workout and eating plan today so I will hopefully be back down in time for xmas. Good luck getting it back off...I am definitely in the same boat as you.

KJJ Houston said...

urg my gain was much more, I went from 155 to 162!!! OMG! URG!!!
My goal is 145 and I was so close, but I knew the freaking holidays would get me!! I just keep telling myself GET BACK ON track for the next few weeks, have fun at Christmas and then come Jan really hit it hard. I only have until Feb (end) with my trainer and then my hubs said I have to say by to him, so I really need to focus and not just waste the money by eating!! When you are ready for that money challenge, doesnt have to be much, we should do it!! I bet there are enough bloggers that would jump on it!