Tuesday, March 2, 2010

11 Months!!

At the end of this month I will have a 1 year old! Wow. We pretty much have everything ready for Caroline's birthday party. Her birthday falls on a Wednesday and we're doing the party the weekend before because the weekend after is Easter. We're doing a cupcake theme and we ordered her decorations from here. They came in last week and I am very impressed with the quality! We're going to take Caroline to Picture People this weekend to have some 1st birthday pictures done. I totally dropped the ball on booking someone to do pictures for us. I hope these turn out okay.

I realized that I never did an update on the ENT appointment. There wasn't much to say because she didn't get to see the doctor the first time we went. I had to stop by my office to pick up my laptop before the appointment and I should have allotted more time for that. We ended up showing up almost 20 minutes late and the doctor couldn't see us. :( We rescheduled with another office that is much closer to us and the appointment was this morning. We found out that she has yet another ear infection and she's going to need tubes. Her surgery is scheduled for March 26th, the day before her birthday party. Her doctor assured me that she would be fine for her party.

Let's see, what's new with Caroline?
  • She's a sippy cup pro now. It only took a week in the 12-18 month room at daycare for her to figure it out. I was all stressed out over it for nothing. We have been giving her her bottles in it and the transition has been seamless. 
  • She's "talking" more..I don't know what she's trying to say but she babbles away..I do recognize "uh-oh."
  • It's harder to go out to eat with her..she makes a huge mess so we have to stick to more casual places. She also gets tired of sitting in the high chair after a while.
  • She has been pretty moody lately..if she doesn't get what she wants, she will scream..and she's loud!
  • She's so fun and has so much personality. She dances all the time and mimics things that we do and faces we make.
  • She has two molars trying to break through and those are causing her a lot of pain. She chews on everything she can.
  • She's all about pushing buttons..she turns the TV, stereo, cable box, and DVD player on and off. We're on the lookout for a new entertainment center that has those things enclosed..unfortunately we're limited on the size because of our fireplace.
Now for the pictures...
I finally got a picture of her standing on her own..she only does it for short periods


KH said...

Aw, her little frowns are as cute as her grins! I can't believe she's about to be one year old. :)
I hope her tube surgery goes well and the tubes help her not have any more ear infections.

Way to go on the sippy cup! Amelie will use hers at meal times, but still wants a bottle in the afternoon so we haven't been able to give it up completely yet. :S

Juicy said...

have you guys tried a straw cup yet? I resisted for a long time b/c I didn't think the boys would get it, but they caught on immediately. I'm thinking I'll buy more and start giving them their formula in those.

Anyway, yay for dancing and saying lots of stuff (uh-oh, how cute). The cupcake theme sounds fun and yummy.

And about walking? Cooper was no where near, it was just watching Spencer here lately that he just up and did it. I bet being around the "big kids", Caroline will be walking in no time. Get ready!

Stephanie said...

We do have a few straw cups and she just chews on the straw. I'm glad she's mastered the regular sippy though. The 12-18 month daycare room will allow the bottle until 13 months, then they have to be completely on the sippy. I was worried but she's off the bottle at daycare already. At home is another story.

I'm sure she will pick up walking soon from watching the big kids. She's already picked up how to throw things.

carrie said...

Aww your little one is adorable! Love her name. I was out scoping for new blogs today, yours is a gem. ;)