Friday, March 5, 2010

Show Us Your Life

I just started reading a blog called Kelly's Corner and she does a thing called Show Us Your Life. The schedule can be found on the right sidebar of this page. I've decided to join in and the topic for today is your typical's mine:

5:35am: Alarm goes off and I hit the snooze button.
5:40 am: Alarm goes off and I get up, pee, weigh myself, wash my hands, brush my teeth, and make a cup of coffee.
5:45 am: I drink my coffee while I put on my makeup and blow dry and straighten my hair.
6:10 am: Get dressed then get my stuff and Caroline's stuff ready to grab on the way out the door.
6:15 am: Wake Caroline up and take her to her room to change her (she sleeps in our bed). Change her diaper and clothes and brush her teeth.
6:25 am: Take Caroline to the kitchen to finish getting her ready. She sits in the Bumbo on the kitchen counter while I put her shoes and socks on, fix her hair, and put her jacket on.
6:35 am: I put her in the car seat in the car (in the garage) then grab our stuff and set the alarm.
6:40 am: Drop Caroline off at daycare and head to work.
7:15-7:40 am: Get to work, start up my computer and make breakfast.
10:00 am: Eat my morning snack.
12-1 pm: Eat lunch and surf the web.
3 pm: Eat my afternoon snack.
4:30 pm: Leave work.
5:05-5:15 pm: Pick Caroline up from daycare and head home.
5:30 pm: Play in the study with Caroline and Jake until Mario gets home.
5:30-6 pm: Mario gets home and entertains Caroline while I make dinner.
6-6:30 pm: Eat dinner.
6:45 pm: Workout while Mario watches Caroline and cleans the kitchen and living room.
7:30 pm: Play with Caroline or hold her while she naps while Mario works out.
8:15 pm: Make lunches, pack bags, and iron clothes for the next day while Mario bathes Caroline and rocks her to sleep.
9 pm: Shower and watch while Caroline sleeps on one of us.
10 pm: We all get in bed.

That's it. We stick to a pretty standard schedule Monday-Friday. On the weekends we're usually out and about but we clean the house on Saturday morning and all laundry and grocery shopping is done on Sunday.

I would love to see what everyone else's daily schedule is like!


Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Very interesting! It's always fun to see how other people live. I may have to join in on the fun.

Juicy said...

You have a very full day. If I did this it'd be like: wake up, eat, play. boys nap, wake up, eat, play. etc. :) boring.