Tuesday, March 23, 2010

51 Weeks!!

Caroline is 51 weeks old today, which means next week she will be a year old!! Wow. She took her first steps yesterday after I picked her up from daycare. I put her on the ground in the kitchen and she didn't want to sit, she wanted to stand. I let go and backed up and she took 4 steps into my arms. I got her to do it a few more times but she didn't want to do it anymore by the time Mario got there..she just wanted to crawl. She was so steady and acted like it was no big deal..she'll be running around before we know it!

She's getting tubes on Thursday and we have to be there at 6am. The surgery's at 7am. I hope everything goes smoothly and that she's not in pain afterward. I've heard from lots of other moms that she will be back to normal in no time, which I hope is true for her because her birthday party is two days later.

Everything is pretty much ready to go for her party. We just have to decorate and pick up the food and cake. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and she's in a good mood!

Here are some pictures from the past few weeks.

We bought her a cozy coupe for her birthday (a few weeks early) we suck at waiting..haha.

We went to San Antonio for her cousin's birthday.

Her cousin Diego gave her his old mailbox.
We went to the Austin Kite Festival a few weekends ago.

She's learned how to climb onto things.
She loves to steal clean dishes out of the dish washer.

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KH said...

Haha, she's such a little monkey climbing and yay for her first steps! I love the picture of her looking up at Mario. I can't believe she's going to be a year old!