Tuesday, July 20, 2010

15 Months, 3 Weeks.

Remember how I posted that Caroline had a fever last Tuesday and I had to pick her up from daycare? Well, she ended up running a 103 fever all that night and into the next morning. I took her to the pedi and they couldn't find anything wrong. She did have a slight cough though so they had me take her to get chest x-rays. That sucked! I don't know if you've ever taken a toddler for chest x-rays, but it is not a fun experience for them..or you. The x-rays came back clear, and the fever was gone by Thursday morning. Here are some pictures of our living room dance party on Thursday.

Here are some other pictures of our time at home last week.

We went to Landa Pool in New Braunfels on Saturday and it was awesome. (I didn't take my camera :( )They have a zero depth pool with a little slide that is perfect for toddlers! We spent about 4 hours at the pool, then headed home to get ready for a night out with friends (sans baby). My brother and his girlfriend watched Caroline for us on Saturday night while we went out for a friend's birthday. It was soo hard leaving her because she was crying for "Mama" and reaching for me. My brother texted me less than 5 minutes later saying that she was fine and they were playing.

We went to Sea World on Sunday with a friend that was in town from Amarillo (Hi Elisa..and thanks again). We had so much fun!


el_twirpo said...

how cute is your family, stephanie? love the in-home dance party. and you look fantastic!

KJJ Houston said...

Cute blog steph! Check out ours www.jacksonslane.blogspot.com
I became a follower of yours!
I love how she is a fish in the water!!! SUMMER FUN!

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

So glad her fever is gone! madi ran one for a week and they said it was just a virus. I love the pic of her dancing, too cute! Plus you look terrific!!!!

KH said...

OMG, I seriously laughed out loud at the dance party pictures - she is so adorable! I don't know why the broom is so cool (Ocho loves it, too), but I'm hoping it sticks for chores down the road. ;) I'm so glad she's feeling better now. She is just too cute. :) Maybe some weekend we can meet up for a playdate?