Friday, July 30, 2010

This time last year..

I haven't taken many pictures over the past week because I was sick but I hope to get some this weekend. We're going back to Landa Pool. Mario and I were talking about how last weekend was the first weekend all Summer that we didn't take Caroline swimming.

Anyway, because I don't have any recent pictures, I decided to go back and look at my blog post from this time last year. It's crazy how much things have changed. This raising a child thing is so much fun!

We've been passing Caroline's clothes down to a friend so that we can get as much use out of them as possible and I noticed on Facebook this morning that her 7 month old was wearing this onesie. Caroline was 4 months old in this picture..haha.

This week last year is when we bought Sophie. I just bought Sophie as a gift for a baby shower that I'm going to tomorrow. Caroline still loves this thing when she's teething!

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Miss Madison's Mommy said...

I love looking at pics of when they were 'babies'! That giraffe is too cute!!