Tuesday, July 13, 2010

66 Weeks

Wow, my blog post titles are so exciting huh?

I got a call around noon today from Caroline's daycare saying that she was running a fever. I had to go pick her up and she can't go back until she's been fever free for 24 hours. Her only other symptom is an occasional cough. I gave her Motrin when we got home and she ran around, played, and ate like normal..until exactly 6 hours later, when the Motrin wore off and the fever came back. We'll see how she does tonight and in the morning and I'll give her pedi a call if the fever keeps going back up. They never have a problem getting us in the same day.

I feel like Caroline has changed so much since I posted her 15 month update. We've had a big "word explosion" over the past two weeks! She tries to repeat a lot of what we say..like today she said "outside" and daycare told us that she's been saying "pink" and "purple." She can also point out most of her body parts. She will respond to questions with "yes" and "no" or with a nod or head shake. She can say all of the words that go along with her signs (eat, milk, all done, more, and please). It's so fun watching her pick up on things. She also has a great sense of humor.

Ignore the crappy picture quality. I wanted to show how she likes to mimic us. She's vaccuuming with her lawnmower. Yes, we now vaccuum the floors during the week..it's much faster than sweeping.
A big thanks to B for giving us the idea of moving Caroline's crib into our room and pushing it up against our bed. We've been co-sleeping since Caroline was 6.5 months and this is a good first step toward moving her to her own room. Most nights she'll stay in her crib all night. She loves it.

We're working on using utensils..but hands are much easier.


KH said...

lol, we find hands move food more quickly, too. :)

I'm sorry Caroline is sick. I hope her fever breaks soon. Ocho had that about a week ago. Slight cough, low grade fever, and nothing else. It eventually went away after a day or two. So weird. I hope it passes quickly!

Latte Mama said...

Hi! Following you from Friendly Friday. Congrats on your beautiful baby girl. Now your adventures begin :)

so kikay said...

she is so cute!

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BTW, you have a lovely daughter.

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