Monday, July 26, 2010

McFatty Monday..week 29

Remember that virus that Caroline had a couple weeks ago?..I caught it..and I felt bad starting around Wednesday of last week. I started feeling a little better yesterday and I still don't feel 100% today. My throat was killing me and I was running a fever off and on.

I didn't track my calories at all but I chose healthy options (when I was able to eat). I didn't get in any exercise either. I guess because I couldn't splurge this weekend, I lost a good amount of weight.

Current weight: 178 under 180..woo hoo!
Weight lost this week: 4.8 pounds
Total weight lost so far: 65.7 pounds


Heidi - D said...

Good work. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well...

I hover around the 180 mark as well. I am SOOO happy to be below it for a change!

Thanks for linking up!

Vanessa said...

Hey there!
Reading from the link up on Heidi-D's blog..
Sorry to hear you were sick..makes for a rough week :-(