Wednesday, February 22, 2012

3-Day Weekend..

For Caroline’s birthday this year we decided to put a swingset in the backyard. This seems like the perfect age because she’ll love it now and she can play with it for a long time. It will also be great for our future child(ren).

We decided to go with the Liberty by Adventure Playsets (bought out by Backyard Discoveries). We ordered it from Lowes to take advantage of 18 months without interest and free shipping. It arrived a lot sooner than we were expecting so she got her big present about 6 weeks before her birthday. There was no way we were putting this together ourselves so I found the Swingman online..he was great! He started organizing things and putting the tower frame together in the cold rain on Friday and finished the whole thing by himself on Sunday.

Here’s the final product. We are very happy! This thing is tall..I can stand up in the tower and it’s still a few feet above my head.
Feb 2012 053
We have been outside every evening until dark. There’s a built-in picnic table under the tower and Caroline wants to eat every meal there!
She’s a pro at the rock climbing wall already.
Feb 2012 049
While the swingset was being put together on Sunday, we took a trip to the San Antonio Rodeo with some friends that we haven’t seen in a while. The girls were tall enough to ride all the kiddie rides this year so we spent most of our time in the carnival area. Maybe when the Austin Rodeo rolls around we’ll take Caroline to see the actual rodeo (I’ve never even seen one myself).
Feb 2012 001
Feb 2012 011

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