Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Caroline is not a happy camper in the morning..she definitely gets that from me.

This is what she got from us for v-day this year. Mario picked the girl scout cookies and ate all but three of them. Ha.

The puppy sings Justin Beiber's Baby..it's cute because she loved that song when she was a baby. If she was throwing a fit in the car, we would play it and she would start smiling and dancing.

Look at this attitude.

I'm off work today because I'm waiting for her new playscape to be delivered. I didn't realize it would be here so quickly because it's supposed to be a birthday present.

I hope they deliver soon so I can make it to C's class party.

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KH said...

lol at the attitude! We see a fair bit of that. :)