Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday phone dump..

Caroline is going to be in our niece’s quinceanera in March and this is her dress. I’m nervous about her following directions..and sitting through a full Catholic mass.

This one is from Caroline’s Valentines party at school..she was super tired that day and had a rough evening, complete with an on-the-floor meltdown in Walgreens.

About half the time she ends up wanting to eat at the kitchen bar instead of the table. I had my phone with me this night and she wanted me to take her picture.

We were originally supposed to go to the rodeo last Saturday but it was rainy and nasty outside so we decided to get tickets to Sesame Street Live in Austin. It was cute..but not as good as Yo Gabba Gabba. We paid $10 for this ginormous Elmo balloon..this was probably two minutes before a hole was ripped in it. I made sure that we got our money’s worth out of the balloon and had some fun with the helium..Caroline thought my voice was hilarious.

I was sitting in a chair watching her play on Monday and she requested that I take her picture.

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Megan said...

Such a cute dress, good luck at mass your going to need it :) Love her new swing set!!