Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Week 4 check-in..

It has been almost a month since the weight-loss challenge started and I'm down 7.8 pounds..which sounds pretty good, but I know it should be more than that.

It look me all last week to get back down to where I was the previous week, then the weekend happened again..and 2 bottles of wine happened..and 2 cupcakes from Hey Cupcake happened..and I was back up on Monday morning. Luckily, I was able to lose everything I gained in a couple days (must have been water weight) and I'm actually down 0.8 pounds overall..and I'm sitting at 193.8.

I'm perfect with my calories during the week and I've been walking for 40-45 minutes 6 days per week. I just have a hard time controlling myself on the weekends when we're hanging out with friends..or shopping at Costco (those dang samples are so good).

My goal is to get under 190 by the week 6 check-in.

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KJJ Houston said...

yay you!!! UG I think we are body twins, I gain as fast as I take off......
I was down 9 pounds and Im like MAYBE at 3 pounds now....URG
Im going to Galveston this weekend too
THank gosh for 2 more months of this challenge :) ha