Sunday, March 27, 2011

Austin Rodeo..

We took Caroline to the Austin Rodeo yesterday and she had a blast..even though she refused to nap at all before we left. She got to ride a pony (a few times), visit a petting zoo, see a live concert (Rodney Parker and 50 Peso good!), ride the carousel, and taste her first icee. Luckily my parents came along to help chase her around..she is fast! It was over 90 degrees and I am really dreading the 100+ temps that summer brings in Texas. I am looking forward to swimming as much as possible though. It’s going to be so much fun now that Caroline is bigger.

We're gearing up for Caroline's birthday on Thursday and her party on Saturday. She's going to have a blast.

Austin Rodeo 023
Austin Rodeo 034
They had a playhouse on display and she had a great time playing in it.
Austin Rodeo 045
They also had playscapes on display that kids could try out
Austin Rodeo 049
Austin Rodeo 067
Of course we found the carousel..this girl cannot ride carousels enough!
Austin Rodeo 074
Austin Rodeo 102

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