Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fun weekends..

I’ve been trying to post a blog with pictures for a week now. Let’s see if this works. Last weekend we went to a birthday party at the Austin Zoo. I had heard that the Austin Zoo didn’t even come close to the San Antonio Zoo, but we loved it. It’s perfect for toddlers and it’s a lot more intimate. We’ll definitely go back.

March 2011 007
March 2011 016
March 2011 021

After the birthday party we stopped by the playground at Southpark Meadows to take advantage of the beautiful day.

March 2011 031
March 2011 035
March 2011 038
March 2011 055

On Sunday we went to the kite festival in Austin. Unfortunately there wasn’t much wind at all so we decided to go to the playground at Zilker Park to play and ride the train.
March 2011 057
March 2011 060
March 2011 106
March 2011 112
March 2011 117
March 2011 130

Yesterday we went to a birthday party at the Buda City Park.They had a bouncy castle, a train, and pony rides. Caroline refused to get in the bouncy castle, which is not good because her birthday party is at a place full of them. She loved the train and the pony. Unfortunately she refused to take a nap before we went so she was pretty much a zombie the whole time we were there.


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