Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First dance class..

Caroline had her first mommy and me dace class yesterday. She did ok..she didn't want to sit still at first, then she didn't want to wait her turn. She laughed at the songs, but didn't really participate.

The class consisted of singing songs and following the directions in the songs and doing some tumbling. I think it will be a big hit once Caroline gets used to it. I wanted to put her straight into the 2 year old combo class where they're on their own without parents but it was full.

Oh, one big hit in the classroom was the giant wall of mirrors..she is definitely her Mother's daughter and loves to look in the mirror.

I bought a leotard and ballet shoes even though they aren't required for the class but she's in between sizes so I'll have to wait until she grows a little.

Here are a few cell phone pics that Mario took. He felt awkward being the only guy in the room.

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