Tuesday, June 21, 2011

McFatty Tuesday..

I didn't really gain 5.4 pounds in one week..well, I did, but some of it was water weight apparently because I peed no less than 10 times at work yesterday (and I'm not pregnant!) and I'm down to 191.2 this morning. I only gained 2 pounds last week, which still is not good.

I started tracking my calories again yesterday using My Fitness Pal. I rearranged my goals and I'm supposed to stay under 1560 per day, which is a lot less scary than 1200 for some reason. Anyway, I tracked all day yesterday and stayed under by 39 calories. Yay for progress..and not snacking during the Bachelorette!

Make sure to check out Angela's blog about her weight loss journey also. She's a much better writer than I am!

Current weight: 191.2
Weight lost so far: 4.6 pounds

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