Monday, June 27, 2011

McFatty Monday..0.8 pound GAIN

I'm going to weight in tomorrow too because I think I retain water on Mondays..probably from the crap food I eat over the weekend and the lack of water. I try to drink 3 bottles of water during the work day Monday through Friday..I'm lucky if I drink one on the weekends.

I started the Wii Active 30 day challenge last Tuesday and I've done the first 4 days so far. Whew, I was sore most of last week from the squats and lunges.

I started tracking my calories again last week and I did really well Monday-Wednesday. We went to Gattitown for dinner on Thursday and I didn't just stick to the salad bar. I ate whatever I wanted over the weekend.

Overall, I feel motivated to continue getting back on track.

Current weight: 192
Weight GAINED this week: 0.8 pounds
Total weight lost so far: 3.8 pounds

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angela said...

hey sweets, just stoppin' by to encourage you to make fabulous choices and all that jazz!

have a fabulous weekend!