Monday, June 20, 2011

McFatty Monday..5.4 pound GAIN

Really? Yikes! Is it even possible to gain that much in a week. I didn't even eat bad during the week. I ate some bad stuff over the weekend but dang, that's a big gain. It is that time of the month so maybe that is contributing to it.

I worked out exactly zero times this week. I need to get this under control like now.

Current weight: 194.6
Weight GAINED this week: 5.4 pounds
Weight lost so far: 1.2 pounds..ha! I guess I'm pretty much back to where I was in January.

These pants are pretty tight.

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Amber said...

It is probably 3 or so lbs of water retention so if you go walking or running you may lose it quickly. Well, Aj hasn't done her weigh in the past week and I was holding her accountable (you see how well that is going) so at least you posted. Get back on track...You can do it!!!I will be thinking/checking in with you while I run and track food as well. If you want send me your phone number on facebook and we can text each other to stay on track. Good luck!