Monday, June 6, 2011

McFatty Monday..1.6 pound gain

And..I'm back over 190. Yikes. I have no excuses. I ate and drank too much this past week. I didn't work out at all.

Angela posted a comment about being Weight Watchers buddies and I haven't been ignoring it, it's a good idea. I don't want to set myself up for failure though, so I'm not going to start this week. We have a lot of leftovers from our BBQ this weekend and we're going to Corpus for a mini vacation this coming weekend. I will get started next Monday!

It is already so hot here and it's hard to find motivation to work out outside. I am going to start doing the Wii Active 6 week challenge tonight. That's what I started with when I was 240+ a year and a half ago.

Here's a picture from this morning. I'll call it the return of the muffin top.

Current weight: 190.6
Weight GAINED this week: 1.6 pounds
Total weight lost so far: 5.2 pounds


angela said...
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angela said...
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angela said...

I was trying to comment on my nook, with illiterate luck. Hence the two randomly deleted comments.

So, first of all, you're adorable.

Secondly, I think I've found a pretty great app on my droid phone that calculates points for the WW Points Plus program and allows you to log all your food based on those points. I may try to save a buck and use that instead... I don't know how honest that is, but I DID pay for the app and about 10 months worth of WW. I'm lame, and can't find the time for the meetings, so I end up recording everything online anyway. I just need to stay disciplined. I have lost of tips (which I seldom use lately) that could help you (and conceivably me) out quite a bit if you're interested. Try for yummy food with the points already calculated!

3rd-ly. I also need to be more active. Working out is so. . . hot. . . and sweaty. . . and jiggly. HATE it. I have the biggest loser on my kinect, zumba dvds, oh! and DANCE CENTRAL just sadly sitting in my corner waiting for someone to come over and play. I guess i should do that.

Keep in touch! Caroline is beautiful! Tell Mario I said hello!

ashley said...

you look great!