Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mini beach vacation..

We took the day off on Friday and packed way too much stuff in the car and headed to Corpus Christi..Padre Island to be exact. I had heard some rumors about jellyfish and seaweed so I didn’t know what to expect from the beach. I was pleasantly surprised when we got there. We didn’t see a single jellyfish and the seaweed was nothing compared to what we usually see in Galveston.

We stayed at the Hawthorn Suites right across the street from the Holiday Inn, which is right on the beach. We got an awesome deal on Priceline! Some friend’s of ours stayed at the Holiday Inn so we still got to use their pool and enjoy the nightly live music.

Here we are during a pit stop on the way.
2011-06-09 June 2011 026
2011-06-10 June 2011 001
I was amazed by the number of windmills just outside of Corpus..those things are huge!
2011-06-10 June 2011 002
We made it! It took us 4 hours to get there because we took the back roads. Caroline did pretty well, though we ended up listing to the Yo Gabba Gabba Pandora station for most of the trip.
2011-06-10 June 2011 005
We got there, unloaded, and immediately headed out to the beach.
2011-06-10 June 2011 007
2011-06-10 June 2011 011
Caroline was a little leery of the water at first, but that changed quickly and she had a blast.
2011-06-10 June 2011 015
2011-06-10 June 2011 026
2011-06-10 June 2011 041
We ate at Docs on the island that night and the food was so good. There was an hour wait and I was very surprised at how well Caroline did. We had a beautiful view of the sunset at the restaurant.
2011-06-10 June 2011 046
Caroline colored on her cup.
2011-06-10 June 2011 048
We headed out to the beach around 8:30 on Saturday morning and spent all day out there. We took turns taking our little ones back to the hotel rooms for naps.
2011-06-10 June 2011 052
Some of our friends have a 4 year old daughter and Caroline had a blast running around with her and acting like a big girl.
2011-06-10 June 2011 060
Caroline learned how to drink out of a water bottle.
2011-06-10 June 2011 074
The seagulls where everywhere! They took half of my sandwich right out of my hand.
2011-06-10 June 2011 079
We had a wardrobe change after nap time because our suits were soaked and freezing.
2011-06-11 June 2011 004
After a fun day in the sun, we showered and headed to Snoopy’s for dinner. It was soo good.
2011-06-11 June 2011 011
They have an ice cream shop next door so we let the girls pick out their flavors..Caroline picked rainbow (rainbow sherbet).
2011-06-11 June 2011 012
After eating ice cream, we went to check out the birds in the water. The girls were calling them flamingos but I’m pretty sure they were cranes.
2011-06-11 June 2011 017
When we got back to the hotel, we decided to change into our swimsuits and check out the pools at the Holiday Inn. They had live music and the pool water was pretty warm. We all had a relaxing time.
2011-06-11 June 2011 023
2011-06-11 June 2011 026
Here’s a shot of our room from this morning. Every room at the Hawthorn comes with a full kitchen.
2011-06-11 June 2011 028
We stopped at a souvenir place on the way out of town and that was a disaster..Caroline was running around pulling things off the shelf. We bought her a shirt and headed out as quickly as possible.
2011-06-11 June 2011 035
We had a great time at the beach and now I’m even more excited about our week at a beachhouse in Galveston in August..I hope we don’t have a hurricane ruin that trip!


Megan said...

What a fun trip! I;m really loving your hair too!

KH said...

Looks like a great weekend! I'm so glad there weren't jellyfish when you went. We saw a ton at Rockport last month!

Elisa B said...

This looks so so so much fun! I wish we could do it. but with a newborn, it aint happening anytime soon. ;(

And your hair, I LOVE IT! The cut, the color, the way it looks on you! LOVE!

bobcatsteph said...

Thanks ya'll! It feels great to have all that hair gone!

Elisa, that helps with my baby fever (not to rub it in your face). I'm soo ready for #2 but we just can't afford it right now. :( I'm trying to just be grateful for what we have.