Wednesday, April 21, 2010

12 Months, 3 Weeks..

Things are going well around here this week. Caroline's teeth don't seem to be bothering her and she's pretty much back to normal (knock on wood). She has switched from preferring to crawl to preferring to walk and her daycare teacher said she even has no problem walking on the rocks on the playground. I'm pretty excited about this because now I can put her in shorts, dresses, and skirts without having to worry too much about her poor knees.

We bought her a water/sand table from Costco and put it together this week. We're not planning on doing sand anytime soon (if ever) but she already loves playing with the water. I can't wait until it really gets warm out so we can put her in one of her 3 swimsuits and blow up her little pool.

I've been doing long walks with Caroline around the neighborhood after work and she naps in the stroller. She's starting to get tan lines on her feet from wearing her sandals and it looks like she's going to take after her dad and tan easily (yay for that!). I need to remember to start making her wear sun screen.

Here are some pictures from the week.


Miss Madison's Mommy said...

I see she like to climb too! Cutie pie!

Juicy said...

We have the same water table. Spencer has learned to take the cups that came with it and scoop water out of the table and splash it EVERYWHERE.

I also don't think we'll be doing sand at any point soon! We need to get your little gal together with my boys, I bet they'd have a blast together.

Stephanie said...

We do need to get them together. They would definitely have a blast! We're not far from NB.