Monday, April 5, 2010

McFatty Monday..Week 13

I'm finally getting around to posting today because I had the day off and I've been running around all day and haven't had a chance to relax. We're finally home and Caroline is napping..ahh.

We went to the in-law's this weekend and I was pretty worried about what I would do about food. His mom can cook..but the food is not healthy at all. Luckily we ended up bbqing and Mario and I bought some chicken breasts and squash to grill. I went to the grocery store when we got there and bought a veggie tray, my low carb bagels, and peanut butter. I managed to make it through the weekend without cheating at all..and I was surrounded by candy, cupcakes, and cake.

I got an Iphone on Friday and got the "Lose It" app. I've been using it to track my calories. I like that I can take it anywhere with me. What apps do y'all use to help stay on track?

Current weight: 206.8
Weight loss this week: 3 pounds
Total weight loss so far: 36.9 pounds


ashley said...

you go girl!! you're doing great!

yay for an iPhone! i LOVE mine! i've heard good things about that Lose It app. I still pay for Weight Watchers so I use that app and don't have others right now.

I want the Couch 2 5k app. It overlays the run/walk commands on top of whatever songs are in your iPod playlist.

Miss Madison's Mommy said...

I am so freaking proud of you for not cheating!!! I know it was hard. I totally ate way too many slices of Madi's bday cake, but I did work out really hard. Keep up the good work girl!