Sunday, April 11, 2010

Houston, we have molars!!

Caroline has been very fussy lately and drooling like crazy. She hasn't been as interested in solid foods and she would scream when we put her down. I was hoping that this wasn't "normal" for her age because, honestly, it has really been testing my patients.

Her pedi said she had some molars that looked like they were about to break through but I've heard that it can take a while for them to finally come in. Well, when I was attempting to brush her teeth yesterday, I felt two of them poking through..both on top. This brings her total tooth count to 10!

I can already tell the difference in her behavior this morning. She's actually playing with her toys and ate a good breakfast. Unfortunately, I don't think the bottom ones are far behind. This teething stuff is not fun!


Miss Madison's Mommy said...

Madi too! Her gums turned purple on top from them. They looked awful and I called the ped he said it's normal. Poor babies.

KH said...

Holy Cow! Molars already! I'm so glad they broke through so y'all can have some relief. Hopefully, she can have a break before the next ones start in!

Anonymous said...

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